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Don’t cry.

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You guys are the fucking best. I don’t even think I’ve hugged my own FAMILY the way I’ve hugged people out there today. - Sebastian Stan, answering a fan question about their thoughts on reactions to the movie from the fandom. x

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There is nothing more reassuring than realizing that the world is crazier than you are.

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… but no one said what’s lost cannot be found.

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Sam Wilson + Looking At Steve Rogers

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As you tell me, we’re nothing but trouble.
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get to know me meme:  [02/10] actors/actresses - Chris Evans.

"I love acting. It’s my playground, it let’s me explore. But my happiness in this world - my level of peace - is never going to be dictated by acting."

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From the archives of the Smithsonian Institute, on view for the first time at the exhibiton ‘Captain Amarica - the living legend and symbol of courage’, opening on Friday, July 4, 2013.

I recently visited an exhibition on war propaganda and was inspired to make some posters not only for Cap but also for Bucky, Peggy and the rest of the Howling Commandos. Some of the artists I referenced are Edward Penfield, Norman Rockwell and Joseph C. Leyendecker. Thanks to agentbartomanoff for beta-ing the slogans.

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tom hiddleston: what a piece of work. ugh


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Turn ons: when Chris Evans’ jaw does the thing

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